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HELP....I need affordable Dental Work and Dentures

Kayster started this conversation

I came across this site while looking for dental help. I'm not sure how to go about this but I DO need  direction. I am 54 old female, had to retire on social security disability two years ago due to bipolar disorder and fibromyalgia. I have no medical insurance but make to much to qualify for medicaid , and not able to collect medicare yet. I must take medication to control my bipolar disorder and to keep my pain level down from the fybromyaligia. I am in desperate need of dental work. I need the remaining teeth pulled ( decay caused by large doses of chemotherapy for breast cancer in 2000 and large doses of pain medication). I will also need a set of dentures. My teeth are breaking off and becoming infected. I started to see a dentist and after only six teeth pulled I owed them $ 1400.00, which I am now trying to pay off. I cannot afford that kind of money. I have worked all of my life and don't expect something for nothing. I am a single parent of a grown son, whom I raised by myself. I have pretty much done everything on my own. I just need help in finding  an answer or a way to get through this. It is hard enough these days for anyone to make it, for any senior with any type of medical problem it is almost impossible for them to get any help. I want to feel good again and not have to worry about my health and money. I have three lovely grandchildren that I want to spend time with.

I have been saving money toward my dental work but I'm sure it isn't enough yet. I would not expect anyone to give me money, I need to know how do I go about getting help in a timely manner as well as affordable. Any thoughts and direction of any form will be greatly appreciated. All knowledge will be passed on to benefit others.


Thanks In Advance

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I have the same pains as you same situation as you!! I don't know what to do. I want you to know you don't suffer alone.
I am 59 and just had a lung removed from cancer prior to that i had heart surgery above all i need top dentures right now i have a bridge which needs to be replaced by a full plate . i work I mean really struggle to work to keep my insurance for my medical bills . I have dental but i need 500 besides what my insurance covers. In july I go for Chemo but need to get teeth fixed first CAN ANYONE HELP
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I will be 40 next month, i only have 18 teeth in my mouth and none of them are good, i have dental insurance, which at this point means nothing because all the work i need far exceeds the insurane. I work full time, care for two childeren, both of my parents and my husband, I fill i have a raw deal because where I should be able to afford things like dental work i get to pay to keep my parents alive all extra money goes for prescription.I (we) make to much for state help. but not enough for credit. with out some type of help my health will only get worse. and i know if i had good teeth not only would i feel better about my self i would be able to eat better which would inturn make me feel better about life. right now i don't smile, i don't go out, i don't meet or talk to people. i just don't get involved not even with school functions. please help i work hard trying to do the right thing for my family.   

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Try Affordable Dentures if there is one near you. Call 1-800-DENTURE

Good Luck

Dr. Ken Sullivan -
Affordable Dentures - Cape Girardeau,Mo.

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In Kent on Meeker and State there is a community clinic and they do dental on a sliding scale.  They took 60% off for me.  If you go Monday mornings early they have an emergency dental clinic and they'll let you pay $5 or even nothing toward your bill if you need help.

I suffere with fibro as well.  Not fun at all...  I'm working on disability.

 Wish you well.

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Hi there, I'm so sorry you in the place you are, It often feels like were all alone. Please don't think you are. I can't help you with money but I can tell you about a way to make some extra money, so you can pay off thoude bills. its free and it works, I made 200.00 last month and I'll make more this one. check it out it will help.
Path to Freedom

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